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"It's a journey through philosophical texts and personalised tasks that not only give you a greater understanding of what you can offer the world of work but also a greater understanding of who you are too."

Siena, Camberwell College of Arts

Students complete this course and gain:

  • A rich picture of their strengths and priorities and how they can use these to seek out fulfilling career opportunities

  • A wealth of perspectives from wise heads and pioneering researchers on career success and fulfilment to help them make informed career decisions

  • A bank of resources to catalyse momentum with, wherever they are on their journey

"It's like an interactive version of 'What Colour is Your Parachute' updated for Millenials. A great resource which makes careers work fun and interesting..."

Abi, Career Coach, UEL

Topics covered include:

  • 'The career goal that reduces anxiety and increases opportunities'

  • 'How to make confident decisions about your next steps'

  • 'Making the most out of not knowing what to do'

Accessible from any device anytime

Students learn on their own schedule via a self-directed curriculum of:

  • Short, thought-provoking readings

  • Bitesize animations and videos

  • Confidence-inspiring quizzes and reflection tasks

"I honestly think this would be of use to an enormous amount of my peer group. It’s different to what I experienced at university because it pays more attention to mental health"

Sam, University of Oxford graduate

Explore the full curriculum here:

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • How to use this course

    • Course Introduction

    • Short intro to your course instructor

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Chapter #1: Searching for a Path

    • Chapter #1 Intro: The importance of taking your time to find the right path for you

    • Introducing the Khormanoupka

    • Access your Khormanoupka

    • How to Complete Your Khormanoupka

    • Session #1: Preparatory reading

    • Session #1: What a healthy career path looks like

    • Building your Khormanoupka Part I: Character Strengths

    • Session #2: Preparatory reading

    • Session #2: Making the most out of not knowing what to do

    • Resource: Some useful links for sparking career ideas...

    • Session #3: Introduction

    • Session #3: Preparatory Reading

    • Session #3: The career goal that reduces anxiety and increases opportunities

    • Building your Khormanoupka Part II: Favourite topics and tasks

    • End of Chapter Quiz

  • 3

    Chapter #2: Deciding on a Path

    • Chapter #2 Intro: The importance of backing yourself and choosing the right challenges

    • Session #4: Key elements of a fulfilling career

    • Session #5: How to make confident decisions about your next steps

    • Building Your Khormanoupka Part III: Meaning & Values

    • Session #6: Preparatory Video

    • Session #6: Challenges to avoid, and challenges to seek.

    • Building Your Khormanoupka Part IV: Top Skills & Growth Skills

    • End of Chapter Quiz

  • 4

    Chapter #3: Next Steps

    • How to use your Khormanoupka to support your career search

    • Course Outro: "...and wisdom means...'

    • Before you go...

    • A Few Final Resources to Help You Put Ideas into Action

    • How to create opportunities with LinkedIn

    • How to create opportunities with LinkedIn - slides & extension links

    • How to Create a Strong CV

    • How to create a strong CV - slides, extension links, and example template

    • How to write an effective Cover Letter

    • How to write an effective Cover Letter - slides, extension links, and example template

Bonus material


  • Links to over 20 UK job/internship boards across a range of niche areas – including social enterprise, creative fields, the environmental sector, and start-ups – which students can use to enhance their search

  • A list of cutting-edge apps and websites offering innovative career search and application solutions

  • Curated links to the best skills and personal development resources available online

Annual licences and bespoke packages are available to universities, secondary schools, employers, and other organisations enriching young people’s personal and professional development.

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What young people across the UK are saying about the course

"I thought it was a refreshing break from traditional careers advice...

Sophie, University of Bristol

...I'm sure that the awareness of my strengths that this course has given me will be invaluable throughout my career journey. I particularly enjoyed the way in which the course gradually moved from a grounding in more overarching, philosophical principles and ideas, towards a personalised 'self-inventory'. I think that the course's beginnings leant these findings at the end a certain gravitas, and helped me to understand how an attentiveness to my own strengths and values might lead, more broadly, to a fulfilling career journey. I also also found the selected materials really useful (some of them really resonated with me!)."

"Nothing like this is available at my university...

Jai, University of Oxford terms of really digging deep into what jobs would suit my skills or attributes and values."

"I found the course really helpful in terms of reassuring me that taking a step back and approaching careers more philosophically was sensible - I really didn't need to rush into something...

Finn, University of Cambridge

"...It also helped me to think more broadly about the types of careers I could find fulfilling, and to consider my desire to help people more carefully (in terms of the different careers which that can be done through, not dismissing it!). 'I really enjoyed talking about philosophical theories as a framework for life - something I think is too often skimmed over in careers guidance. Particularly in terms of ideas I've thought deeply about but not been able to express."

"I found this to be a novel and refreshing take to career advice. A process that is usually cold, calculated, and alienating, was revitalised...

Josh, University of Newcastle

"...I really appreciated the more emotionally intuitive approach to considering a future career. I thoroughly enjoyed the esoteric references to philosophy and literature used throughout the course in order to illustrate points made about emotional fulfillment and wellbeing.'

"The course was very helpful in helping me to identify what a rewarding career means to me specifically...

Christie, Heriot-Watt University

...I also thought the course was helpful for showing me it’s okay not to know exactly what I want to do, and that it’s okay to take time to really think about this. I think lots of younger people feel very pressured to make choices they don’t like without thinking about what’s best for them. The course is very strange compared to everything else. There is a focus on readings and a range of material that make you think of different parts of career planning. It prioritises improving your thinking around careers rather than telling you which career to pursue.'

"The course opened my eyes to another way of looking at the future and my journey towards a career...

Emily, Durham University

...Like how the path I take is just as, if not more, important than the end goal. I found the Khormanoupka document very useful too, as it is quite a unique concept when compared with other career advice services. It is useful for helping you develop a mentality of shaping your career around yourself and what your skills are, rather than shaping yourself around a career."

"The experience has enabled me to look at my current situation with objectivity and calmness, which is something that I sometimes struggled with before...

Maria, University of Glasgow

...I think this course will benefit anybody who puts a lot of pressure on themselves. It has opened my mind to different, perhaps unconventional, career paths that I wouldn't have considered before."

"It has reshaped how I perceive career planning...

Shona, University of Oxford

...It’s a comforting process to go through in advance of a scary, unknown, and probably clumsy part of one’s life. It’s more than just a careers advice course, but a pre-emptive encouragement to make wise decisions."

"I found the course extremely useful. I am seeking a career change and this has helped me to refine my options. Most importantly it also gives me hope and confidence that I will eventually be able to find the right opportunities...

James, University of Manchester

...This course challenges norms in career searching. It provides the personalised framework upon which someone should build their career, through increasing their self-awareness. It concludes with practical ways that this framework can be applied to begin moving in the right direction and setting yourself out from the crowd. This was new to me but really encourages you to discover the ideas for yourself."

"This programme offers a refreshing way to think about careers, work, and even life that I've not experienced before with the current services...

Jasmin, University of Warwick

...It explores various aspects of your personality, strengths and personal values and encourages you to question - what are my priorities? What more do I want out of my career? I really believe that exploring and really questioning the bigger 'why' about what you want to do in life and how you want to invest your time could prove very beneficial for young people. Additionally, some of the really powerful concepts that I got to learn have been so impact in my personal life. I'm excited to see it grow and for more young people to take advantage of this opportunity."

"An excellent career planning programme which stretches students, makes them think, and helps uncover their true strengths and interests in relation to tangible next best steps."

Nick - Career Coach - University of East London

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